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"Love Shouldn't Hurt"

What is domestic violence?

Any physical, verbal, emotional, psychological, or sexual behavior engaged in by one person to give him/her power and control over the life of another human being.

Examples of physical abuse include hitting, punching, slapping. Verbal abuse is name calling, threats, or constant mean spirited language. Emotional abuse can include repeated broken promises, lying, the love you don't love you cycle, and destruction of personal possessions. Psychological abuse includes the systematic destruction of a person's self-worth through harassment, deprivation of food/sleep, threats to take custody of children, deportation, threats to harm a victim's pet or denial of money. Sexual abuse is any unwanted or aggressive act against the victim's body or person.

Our Mission:

The mission of ESCADV is to bring awareness to the Eastern Shore of Virginia of the seriousness of the problem of domestic violence, to provide relief to victims of domestic violence and programs to treat the causes and symptoms of domestic violence in all those affected, endeavoring to eventually eliminate domestic violence from our community.

Links: National website: www.ncadv.org     State website: www.vsdvalliance.org

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